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Our training department is an integral part of our success, helping you and your teams reap the benefits of our products - quickly and effectively - with tangible results for your business.

Our courses help you work faster and smarter and can be adapted to your working environment. With a personalised approach, our teams identify your requirements and offer a variety of courses to get you up to speed. Whether that's implementation, system navigation for new users, or helping existing users make the most of powerful upgrades and innovations, our aim is make you more effective and productive for better integration with your colleagues.

We deliver training in our dedicated training centres, on client premises and also host a number of refresher courses and seminars for knowledge and networking opportunities. Whether you're a graduate estimator or a seasoned site engineer, our tailored training will help you reach the next level.


With You Every Step Of The Way RIB CCS track record, covering over 35 years, means that our people are experienced and knowledgeable in construction industry business solutions and processes. This knowledge goes beyond RIB CCS-specific offerings. We are well placed to help you plan the way forward in an industry where new technology and processes can bring real value, but where it can be challenging to choose the right approach in gaining these benefits. RIB CCS business consultants work with clients to assess current business opportunities and identify solutions processes. There are always options - we work with you to identify the most appropriate tools and techniques.
Using industry best practice, our advisors can recommend the most appropriate future model, build the business case, assess readiness and design a change program to support you in reducing the risk of the potential benefits not accruing. Our team has extensive and wide knowledge having held management positions within the construction and service industries. Whatever your challenge, the RIB CCS team delivers results by drawing on practical experience, lessons learned and industry best practice.

Business Intelligence

Information When You Need It

We understand that when it comes to construction, time is money. With so many moving parts to any project, it’s critical to have the right information at the right time to avoid missed opportunities and expensive mistakes. At RIB CCS, we believe that good decisions are a result of experience as well as accurate and timely data, and our products provide you and your teams and stakeholders with just that, helping you stay one step ahead. Managed, developed and supported by over 100 experienced construction & engineering industry professionals worldwide, RIB CCS is your partner when it comes to providing you with quality business intelligence.
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Implementing new systems into an organisation requires training, communication, buy-in from stakeholders, and the trust that the change will improve people’s lives. Due to the best-of-breed nature of Candy & BuildSmart, we employ an aggressive implementation programme, which reduces the time and cost of implementation. We will help you with this transition to ensure your teams can reap the benefits of the system as quickly as possible.

Implementation Phases

Kick Off Meeting
Project Charter
Project Management
Server/Cloud Installation
Implementation Plan Agreed
Migration of Legacy Data
Training - Hands On

Right 1st Time Ethos - Key Elements

Realistic Expectations

Adequate and Competent Resources



The RIB CCS teams set the standard when it comes to after-sales support and service. All support, training and implementation personnel are experienced construction industry professionals providing expert support, assistance and advice on the practical application of RIB CCS in person, by email, electronic support log, telephone or remote access services. We understand the stress of meeting tight deadlines for either a tender, cost report or financial management report. The need for assistance can’t be scheduled and we at RIB CCS recognise that, as our staff have been in the Users safety shoes, wearing a hard hat and wanting help NOW. Support is something we pride ourselves on, and our Users are testament to this. Our clients are our R&D teams, bringing their needs and innovative ideas to our attention where these are evaluated for the industry, developed and  released, ensuring RIB CCS solutions stay abreast of User requirements and developing industry trends. The Client Area of this website provides a convenient central coordination point for customer support requests, access to important notices to our clients, release and software upgrade information and other relevant RIB CCS documentation.

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